With our range of delicious cooking products that have no added salt or sugar, are
gluten free, dairy free and suitable aboutusquotationfor vegans, Truly Simple Foods are passionate about supporting your dietary decisions. Our sauces, purées and seasonings are made with fresh ingredients focusing on creating unique flavours by capturing the rich flavours nature has to offer. Whether you have allergy concerns, are on a special diet or are just conscious about your diet and health, our high quality cooking ingredients are here to make your life truly simple.

We understand that the decision to change your diet is a tough one – our lives revolve around food. For many consumers that decide to reduce or remove salt, sugar or gluten in their diet, finding the right product can be a bit of a challenge – that’s where we come in! We keep it simple, giving you full flavoured products to make quality dishes truly, simple and healthy.​

Our Take on Salt

It is important that we highlight that we are not against eating salt but we understand that there is so much hidden salt in food today especially in places you wouldn’t expect to find it. We understand that salt is needed for life, but recognise that too much salt is leading to disease and death. Like many others (including garlic, onions and ginger) salt is a flavour enhancer so we take pride in using the vast array of flavours that nature has given us in providing you cooking ingredients that are healthy, natural and good for you.



We all know that what we put in is what we get out; our premium range is made using quality ingredients preferring fresh vegetables to the dried or rehydrated alternatives when the recipe needs it. We take pride in giving you high quality and natural cooking ingredients so we work closely with manufacturers that are willing and able to meet our standards.


about_simplicityIn a world full of unnecessary complications, we try to keep things simple, from the product recipes to the cooking guidelines; our products have been made with simplicity in mind. All of our products are created with simplicity in mind; giving you access to quality products to help make your cooking experience simple but delicious.



We are health-conscious and fully committed to providing you with an excellent alternative to the unhealthy cooking ingredients that are currently on the market. We are continually educating ourselves about nutrition and like to update our blog with interesting articles about nutrition, diet and healthy living. Click here to go to our blog.


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